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Celebrating diversity. Celebrating achievement.

Our Mission

Celebrating Achievement. Celebrating Diversity.

At first glance, this mission could appear to focus on winning, and awards, or the visible differences between us. But there’s so much more to it than that…

Celebrating achievement is personal. One student’s successful outcome may well be coming first, where another’s could be trying something for the first time. At Ilam School, our focus is on individual growth and improvement. We strive to help each child do their very best, no matter what that looks like.

Celebrating diversity is as much about unique perspectives as it is about birthplace, language or culture. We strive to nurture our environment, where different perspectives are cherished and where different viewpoints lead to creativity.

Our Vision

We prepare our learners for their futures. No matter what life or career path they ultimately choose, we know they will need to:

  • Collaborate with others

  • Solve problems

  • Be culturally competent

  • Be confident with language (literate) and numbers (numerate)

  • Think critically

  • Communicate well

  • Be lifelong learners

These are the skills and mindsets we strive to prepare Ilam School students with, through opportunities to achieve their individual best.

In developing a forward-looking blueprint for every student we are entrusted with, the whole Ilam School community was engaged — this is the result:

Our students are secure in themselves. They are proud of their own identity, but they also respect the identity of others, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. They have the ability and skills to effectively communicate with and seek to understand people from other cultures. They collaborate and co-operate. They demonstrate kindness, care, and concern for other people, their community and their environment.

Our students are curious learners. They use a range of thinking strategies to solve problems. They are encouraged to be innovative and creative. They can be adventurous and take risks with their learning. They understand that learning happens everywhere.

Our students think for themselves. They ask ‘What if?’ They ask informed questions and actively seek the thoughts of others. They endeavour to understand why they are thinking a particular thought. They build trust in order to ask good questions and debate with each other. They have the confidence to share their opinions whilst actively listening to differing opinions. 

Our students do their best. They have a ‘can do’ attitude. They aim high and work diligently to achieve personal excellence. They have a positive outlook to learning and show grit to overcome challenges. They have a growth mindset and confidently take risks. They reflect on their own learning and seek feedback in order to improve. 

Our students contribute. They make a positive difference to their various communities, no matter their age. They share their skills, leadership and experience. They willingly help others.

Our Values

Values can be described as “beliefs about what is important or desirable.” They are expressed in the ways people speak and act. 

The Ilam School values encourage our children to reflect on their behaviour and how they interact with others. They are woven throughout the daily curriculum and are discussed both inside and outside the classroom.

Our four values are being:
Respectful kia whakaute
Kind kia aroha
Positive kia pono
Safe kia haumaru

And it's also important to... have FUN!

There's something special about having fun with friends, right? Maybe that looks like playing tag at lunchtime. Or telling jokes before class. Or enjoying solving a tricky question.

Or... perhaps it's dancing at the 2022 PTA School Disco. Thanks to everyone who helped bring this FUN event to life!

Shoutout to Clinton Lloyd for the fantastic photos.


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