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Because life is diverse

We start with 'Hello'

There are two entrances to Ilam School, and every morning a stream of smiling faces spill through the gates, ready for another day of fun, friendship and learning.

Why is that different from any other school? Because at Ilam School, we have children from 60 different cultural and national backgrounds. This rich tapestry of mixed experiences, beliefs and traditions means our students are learning in a place which mirrors their world; one of everyday diversity.

It’s a humbling feeling to watch our learners skip into school knowing that, as Principal, it’s my responsibility to lead a team of dedicated educators who all want the best for your child. I often think “How did I get so lucky?”

Our team has built a school where children become skilled using words and numbers. Where curiosity is encouraged. Where creative solutions are tested. Where communication and teamwork and respect are the norm. Where your child can be themselves.

Visitors to our school tell us it feels friendly and positive, and that the children are considerate and supportive of each other. That’s just the foundation — from there, we encourage learners to strive for their personal best in a range of areas; from academics to the arts, from sport to cultural appreciation to leadership, and more.

When your child finishes their time at Ilam School, we know they will stride into their future as a well-rounded young person, someone who appreciates the value of diligent work, the fun of exploring new ideas and the delight in helping others.

So, come and say hello! You’re welcome to arrange a visit — we’d love to share our special place with you and welcome you to the Ilam School whanau (family).

Kia ora, nǐhǎo, tālofa lava, konnichiwa, ahlan, welcome!

Belinda Kennedy
Tumuaki / Principal

When are the school terms for 2023?

Learning Conferences (Knowing our Learner)
31 January & 1 February

Term One
Thursday 2 February to Thursday 6 April

Term Two
Wednesday 26 April to Friday 30 June

Term Three
Monday 17 July to Friday 22 September

Term Four
Monday 9 October to Friday 15 December, 12.30pm

When are the school terms for 2024?

Learning Conferences (Knowing our Learner)
Thursday 1 January & Friday 2 February

Term One
Monday 5 February to Friday 12 April

Term Two
Monday 29 April to Friday 5 July

Term Three
Monday 22 July to Friday 27 September

Term Four
Monday 14 October to Friday 18 December

When are the public holidays for 2023?

Term One
Monday 6 February — Waitangi Day
Friday 7 April — Good Friday

Term Two
Monday 24 April — Teacher Only Day
Tuesday 25 April — ANZAC Day
Monday 5 June — King's Birthday

Term Four
Monday 23 October — Labour Day
Friday 17 November — Canterbury Show Day
Monday 20 November — Teacher Only Day

Education Review Office report, 2017

"At [Ilam School] leaders and teachers are strongly committed to equity and excellence for all learners. [They] work in inclusive and respectful ways with the diverse learners and cultures within the school. The language, culture and identity of children, families and whānau are highly valued and respected."

School Hours

8.30 – 8.55am    Road Safety Patrols operate on Ilam Road + Students may enter their classroom
8.55am    The bell rings and classes begin
10.30 – 10.50am    Morning break
12.50 – 1.45pm    Lunchtime
3.00pm    School ends
3.00 – 3.15pm    Road Safety Patrols operate on Ilam Road

We cannot accept responsibility for any child at school before 8.30am. 

Because our teachers need time before the day starts to prepare for class, please make sure your child does not enter their classroom before the 8.30am bell sounds. Students arriving at school before this time may wait quietly in the Senior School area.

At the end of the school day all children not taking part in a supervised programme or sports practice are expected to be clear of the school grounds by 3.15pm. Any children not collected by 3.15pm should report to the office.

The school office is open from 8.30am to 4.00pm.

Leaving the School Grounds
Children may not leave the school grounds at any time during the day without permission from a parent. Please set a good example for our children by not climbing the fence — use the front or back gates instead.


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