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Celebrating diversity. Celebrating achievement.

Our Location

Ilam School is located directly beside the University of Canterbury, bordered by the Haere-roa branch of the Otakaro River. 

Across from the school is Ilam Homestead, which dates back to when Christchurch was first settled by Europeans. It was first built by Englishman John Watts-Russell, who arrived in Canterbury in 1850, and named after his birthplace, Ilam Hall in Staffordshire, England. The house changed ownership several times before burning down in 1910.

Edgar Stead (1881-1949) rebuilt the homestead in the 1920s, and cultivated a rhododendron and azalea collection which is internationally known today.

Our Logo

The bright yellow flower of the Ilam School logo is a stylised azalea. 

We love having a flower as our logo because it represents cultivation and growth. Each of our learners has the chance to cultivate their knowledge and interests, and our teachers — just like a gardener — plant ideas and nurture growth so that each child can bloom.

  • The azalea is not native to New Zealand: it originates from Asia.
  • It can represent a deep inner desire to lead.
  • It’s a flower that is highly sought after.
  • The azalea can endure harsh conditions.

At the centre, or heart, of our flower logo is a white star, a light that we believe shines out of every person at Ilam School.

Make sure you look for our many azalea plants — how many colours can you find? — planted around the school.

Visit to Ferrymead Heritage Park

Don't be confused — these photos were taken during our 2022 visit to Ferrymead Heritage Park. Our learners were able to experience what school would have been like when Ilam School was first opened!

Shoutout to Clinton Lloyd for the fantastic photos.


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