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Celebrating diversity. Celebrating achievement.

We love our staff

Ilam School is blessed to have (what we reckon is) the best bunch of education professionals and support team in the city region country!

Leadership Team

Left to Right  - Charlotte McMurtrie (Senior Team Leader), Kirsten Aaron (Deputy Principal and Language Support Leader), Belinda Kennedy (Principal), Rebecca Playle (Middle Team Leader), Sarah Roberts (Junior Team Leader).

Junior Team / Year 0 - 2

Left to Right  - Sarah Roberts (Room 11), Andrea Dykstra (Room 14), Sonya Nuku (Room 12),
Steph Craighead (Room 15), Krithika Yogeeswaran (Room 13).

Middle Team / Year 3 and 4 

Left to Right  - Marg Stewart (Room 17), Rebecca Playle (Room 18), Nigel Marsh (Room 8),
Riley Thomson (Room 7), Naomi Rumbold (Room 5).

Senior Team / Year 5 and 6

Left to Right  - Teresa Johnston (Room 19), Charlotte McMurtrie (Room 3), Kayla Gaut (Room 20),
Linda Ewen (Room 4), Tanya Kenworthy (Room 2). 

Language Support Team

Left to Right  - Vivienne Gin, Leone Brunell, Rosemary Hong.

Learning Support Team

Left to Right  - Marilyn Hore, Jo Le Gros, Anne Hicks, Viri Martinez, Vivienne Gin, Darsha Keogan.

Administration Team

Left to Right  - Jocelyn Hollis (Executive Assistant / Finance and Payroll Manager), Sue-Ellen Smith (Receptionist / Office Administrator), Margaret Kitney (Librarian / ICT Technician), Kate Buckley (Receptionist / Administrator  - Wed/Fri).

Teacher Support

Release Staff

Property Team


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