Our Staff

The Ilam community is extremely fortunate to have such highly skilled and affable people working in their school. The children in this school receive high quality teaching and learning programmes, from caring and supportive teachers. The teachers in turn are supported by a wonderful group of support staff who go above and beyond their job in order to see that the children at Ilam get the best education possible.

The school is organised into four teaching teams or syndicates.  Year 1, Year 2, Middle (Year 3 & 4) and Senior (Year 5 & 6).

2020 Classes

Year 1 Team
Room 14 Year 1/New Entrant Mrs Julia Hinman
Room 15 Year 1/New Entrant Ms Gabby Petheram
Room 16 Year 1/New Entrant Mrs Stephanie Lane
Room 21 Year 1/New Entrant Mrs Anna Wylie (Team Leader)
Year 2 Team
Room 10 Year 2 Mrs Felicity Scott
Room 11 Year 1/2 Mr Richard Oakly
Room 12 Year 2 Ms Nicki Frisby (Team Leader)
Room 13 Year 2 Ms Margaret Stewart
Middle (Year 3/4 Team)
Room 5 Year 3/4 Ms Holly Paine
Room 6 Year 3/4 Mrs Nicole Hastie
Room 7 Year 3/4 Miss Amy Sugrue
Room 8 Year 3/4 Ms Rebecca Playle
Room 9 Year 3/4 Ms Kayla Bayliss
Room 17 Year 3/4 Miss Teresa Johnston
Room 18 Year 3/4 Ms Belinda Kennedy
(Assistant Principal/Team Leader)
Senior (Year 5/6) Team
Room 1 Year 5/6 Mr Nigel Marsh
Room 2 Year 5/6 Mrs Tanya Kenworthy
Room 3 Year 5/6 Mrs Andrea Dykstra (Team Leader)
Room 4 Year 5/6 Mrs Linda Ewen
Room 19 Year 5/6 Miss Sarah Lester
Room 20 Year 5/6 Mrs Catherine Komen

ESOL Team 

Yellow Room Mrs Kirsten Aaron Blue Room Mr Mick Withers   Leone Brunell – English Language Assistant for EAL Students   Rosemary Hong – English Language Assistant for EAL Students

Senior Leadership Team 
Paul Dolan – Principal
Belinda Kennedy – Deputy Principal

Administration Staff 
Marlene Roets – Executive Assistant
Jocelyn Hollis – Finance and Payroll Officer
Renata Edwards – Receptionist
Margaret Kitney – ICT Technician and Librarian

Learning Support Staff
Vivienne Gin – Learning Assistant
Marilyn Hore – Learning Assistant
Louise Harvey – Learning Assistant
Jo Le Gros – Learning Assistant
Anne Hicks – Learning Assistant
Marisa Le Roux – Learning Assistant
Elisabeth Tanner – Learning Assistant

Erica Blatchford – TIC of Music
Delwyn McKenzie – Orchestra Tutor and Choir Pianist

Property Staff
Gordon Pike – Caretaker
Vern Davies – Caretaker Assistant
Dean Coburn – Caretaker Assistant
Cui Ming Li – Cleaner
Hardianto Liswoyo – Cleaner

Ilam School Grounds