Ilam’s Changing Logo

The school’s first logo adaptations were adopted when the school opened in 1950. The motto ‘I Learn And Master’ became the school’s motto in 1952.


It wasn’t until 45 years later when in December 1994, a stylised version of the Ilam hybrid azalea flower was adopted as the school’s new logo. It was felt the azalea represented the educational philosophy of the time better than the old shield.

“The Azalea embodies Ilam because it was in the garden of the Ilam Homestead, opposite Ilam School, that Edgar Stead developed his famous rhododendron and azalea collection. The logo chosen is an idealisation of one of Stead’s blooms.

An attribute of the azalea as our logo is that it represents the process of cultivation, growth and increasing for the future. Gardening as a process of planting and nurturing represents creative actions in many ways similar to children’s education. The seasonal rebirth in nature reminds us that all in life is cyclical and we all – parents, children, teachers – have our place in the round of life itself.”

Taken from ‘Ilam in the Nor’West – Ilam School and District’.



In 2013, it was decided that the logo and branding identity for the school required a refreshment to more accurately reflect the ongoing changes taking place within the school and it’s surrounding community. As mentioned the azalea has significant historic and symbolic meaning for the school so it was important that this was retained and that none of this meaning was lost. However, due to the changing nature of the school, both culturally and educationally, it was decided that the message and meaning behind the logo would be expanded upon.

  • The Azalea originated in Asia – Ilam School is a school that embraces all cultures, races and religions.
  • The Azalea is representative of people with a deep inner desire to lead – Ilam School is creating the leaders of tomorrow.
  • The Azalea is a highly sought after flower – Ilam School children are beautiful (celebrating uniqueness and individuality) and the school environment is special (trees, gardens, and wide open fields). The Ilam School community cares about their students and their school.
  • The Azalea plant is hardy – Ilam School has a long tradition of educational excellence that continues on into the 21st century.

The Ilam School Icon is a stylised five petal azalea. It is symbolic of the Ilam students and staff. At the ‘heart’ of the azalea is a light (a star) that provides fuel for each petal (Ilam School’s core values). As staff and students demonstrate the school’s core values in their everyday lives, Ilam School’s reputation for excellence in education, and for being a warm and caring learning environment for families, grows stronger and shines brighter in the community – both locally and internationally.

Ilam School Grounds