Board of Trustees

All of New Zealand’s state and state-integrated schools have a Board of Trustees.

Boards are also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school and overseeing the management of personnel, property, finance and administration. Parent trustees are elected by the parent community. The Principal is also a member of the board.

The Ilam Board of Trustees governs the school in a very professional manner. This small group of people do a lot of work behind the scenes ensuring that the school is run according to legislation and that the children benefit as a result. The staff appreciates the support they receive from the Board and the positive working environment that exists.

The Ilam School Trustees are:

  • Liz Martyn (Chairperson)
  • Hamish Avery
  • Kate Mitchell
  • Michael McCosker
  • Kirsten Aaron  (Staff Representative)
  • Paul Dolan (Principal)

If you would like to contact the Board Chair please email


Pictured from left, front row:  Paul Dolan (Principal), Kirsten Aaron (Staff Representative) and Liz Martyn (Board Chair)

Back row:  Kate Mitchell, Hamish Avery and Mike McCosker

Ilam School Grounds