Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Ilam School PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of interested, motivated parents.  We are involved in a wide range of activities which support our school by fostering community between families, practically by providing services and financially by putting the money we raise back into the school.  We believe in the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between school and families.  It’s not all about fundraising – we have a lot of fun in the process!

We are keen to welcome new members at any time so feel free to come along to one of our monthly meetings.  It’s a small commitment for a very satisfying result.  You can choose to officially join and come to meetings, have a specific role in the PTA, or just be someone who helps out with special events from time to time on our ‘Friends of the PTA’ email list.

At the bottom of this page you can see how much money we have put back into the school and the specific things it has gone to.

Some of the roles we do include:

School Community: Two discos each year, Family Fun Night at the start of each year, Ice Skating and Movie Night.

Practically helping the school: second hand uniform sale, new families morning tea, providing tea and coffee at school events.  Purchasing items from the school’s ‘wish list’ and giving them to the school.

Fundraising: Two discos each year, Entertainments Books, Bookstravaganza, Ice Skating, Movie Night, Second hand uniform sale, Quiz Night, Family Photo Shoot.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Come along to the PTA meetings or officially join the team – second Tuesday of each month, 7.30pm in the staffroom.  Not only will you be helping to our school but being part of the PTA is a great way to get to know the families within our community.
  2. Help out with events – If you can’t come to PTA meetings but would still like to help out on an ad hoc basis, email us at you will be added to a list of people we can call on for helping out at events etc.


Current roles and responsibilities include:

Co-Chairs – Rebecca Foulds and Rachel Baggaley

Secretary – Berny Sanders

Treasurer – Inna Podolain

Second Hand Uniform Sale Co-ordinator – Catherine Woods

New Families Morning Tea Co-ordinators – Kate Mitchell and Rebecca Foulds

School Disco Team – Rebecca Foulds, Rachel Baggaley, Leigh O’Brien, Rebecca Kavanagh, Kate Mitchell

Entertainment Book Co-ordinator – Rochelle Graham

Bookstravaganza Co-ordinators -Zansie Maye and Kate Mitchell

Ice Skating Event Co-ordinator – Berny Sanders

Movie Night Co-ordinator – Al Stewart

Hot Chocolate Mornings Co-ordinator – Rochelle Graham

Quiz Night – Liz Martyn and Greg Ryan

Parents Coffee Night – Rachel Baggaley

Family Photo Shoot Co-ordinator – Rebecca Foulds


PTA Chair 2016

Co-Chairs – Rebecca Foulds and Rachel Baggaley


PTA Members 2016

PTA  Members 


PTA Calendar and Fundraising Events:


School Disco

Family Fun Night

Second Hand Uniform Sale

Term 2:

Entertainment books

Family Movie Night

Ice Skating

Hot Chocolate Mornings

Second Hand Uniform Sale

Term 3:

School Disco

Family Photo Shoot

Quiz Night

Hot Chocolate Mornings

Second Hand Uniform Sale

Art Calendars/Notebooks/Cards – every second year

Term 4:

Books Extravaganza

Second Hand Uniform Sale



Over the last three years, the PTA donated $42,106.33 to the school.  The school is very grateful to the PTA for providing items that we would not be able to afford from our operational budget.

Donations to Ilam School per year:

2015 2014 2013
Chess $260.87 Chess Clock $395.35 Classroom Resources – Senior School $515.76
Jump Jam $370.20 Knex $269.00 Jump Jam Grant $700.00
Year 6 Leavers Dinner $500.00 Year 6 Leavers Dinner $500.00 Library Software Package $1,200.00
Teachers’ Chairs $4,000 Music Uniform $2,023.05 Ilam School – Science & Tech $700.74
Classroom Workstations $4,000.00 Robotics Kits $2,337.20 School Cups (Senior Prize Giving) $327.00
Ipad Bumper Covers $980.85 Sandpit Toys $441.63 Reading Materials $1,500.00
Prize Giving Cups $343.25 Prize Giving Cups $542.80 Maths Resources $1,000.00
Sports Uniform $3,863.32 Sports Uniform $7,000.00 ICT Resources $5,300.00
Wet Game $2,235.31 Sports Uniform $800.00

 Ilam School fundraising thermometer

Minutes of PTA Meetings

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