Education Review Office (ERO) Report

We think Ilam is a fantastic school. Set in an attractive, well-maintained environment. We have wonderful children, effective and caring teachers, brilliant support staff and welcoming and supportive parents.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the highlights from our recent (2017) ERO report:

  • The school is well led and the board of trustees is committed to continuous improvement.
  • The school has maintained strong levels of student achievement in the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics over time.
  • The board, leaders and teachers effectively respond to Māori and other children whose learning and achievement need acceleration.
  • This school is very responsive to the individual needs of children and is working well to reduce disparity to provide equitable outcomes for all.
  • Children with additional learning needs are responded to very well. The school identifies the needs of these children early and provides high quality support programmes to accelerate their learning and promote equity and excellence for all.
  • Leaders and teachers take collective responsibility for children’s progress and achievement.
  • At this school leaders and teachers are strongly committed to equity and excellence for all learners.
  • The language, culture and identity of children, families and whānau are highly valued and respected.
  • Student learning, wellbeing and progress are the core concerns and collective responsibility of the board, leaders and staff.
  • There is a strong focus on knowing the child and what they bring to their learning.
  • Students experience positive and supportive transitions to, within and from school.
  • Trustees, leaders and staff promote a bicultural learning environment that positively benefits Māori and all children.
  • Leadership actively develops and pursues the school’s vision and goals with a clear focus on continuous improvement and building reflective practices.
  • The board actively serves the school. They are committed to building knowledge and skills across the school to provide equity and excellence for all children.
  • The school is highly effective in providing pastoral care, good quality education and ESOL tuition for its international students.

Download the latest ERO Report (dated October 2017)

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