Learning Support

At Ilam we plan programmes, which aim to meet the individual needs of all students, including those identified as Gifted and Talented. We aim to offer remedial, differentiated, extension and enrichment programmes and opportunities to suit the needs of the individual student.

For our children requiring remedial support, Specialist Teachers and Teacher Aides work with individuals and small groups of children. Children who participate in Learning Support programmes have been referred to the Learning Support team for support by their classroom teachers. We work closely with our ESOL department, making the most efficient use of resources available.

The Board of Trustees provides additional teacher aide resourcing, above and beyond government funding, to support children with their learning at Ilam.

Cultivating Gifts and Talents at Ilam School:

Our current Ilam definition for gifted and talented students is: “Gifted students are those with the potential to achieve at a superior level in one or more domains of ability, compared to their cohorts. Talented students are those who are performing at a superior level in one or more areas of endeavour, compared to their cohorts.”

We have empathy for the special characteristics of the gifted and talented students and recognise and aim to nurture their gifts and talents. Please take time to view our slideshare, “Cultivating Gifts and Talents”, prepared for Gifted and Talented Week This also shares a number of approaches and programmes we offer, from which all children can enrich and extend their learning.

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