Gifted and Talented Children

“Gifted students are those with the potential to achieve at a superior level in one or more domains of ability, compared to their cohorts. Talented students are those who are performing at a superior level in one or more areas of endeavour, compared to their cohorts.”

At Ilam we plan programmes which aim to meet the individual needs of all students, including those identified as Gifted and Talented. We aim to offer extension and enrichment to suit the needs of the individual student. Inquiry learning and higher order thinking strategies are followed at Ilam School, so that appropriately challenging and rewarding programmes are provided.

We also cater for Gifted and Talented students in varying ways including; cluster grouping like-minds; extension through differentiated programmes, interchange programmes and offering various extension programmes.

We have empathy for the special characteristics of the gifted and talented student. We recognise and aim to nurture gifts and talents.

Ilam School Grounds