While the seven learning areas (English, Mathematics, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Science, Social Sciences, and Technology) of the New Zealand Curriculum are taught at Ilam, we have a deliberate emphasis on English and Mathematics across all year levels.

Classrooms have a safe and positive tone where children are engaged, challenged, and enjoy learning.Teachers offer differentiated context, content, and strategies in their classroom programmes while providing opportunities for success for all learners. Programmes are child-centred, and cater for each individual through appropriate grouping and programming strategies, recognising that children have widely different abilities, learning styles, needs, and family and cultural circumstances.

e-Learning is integrated into programmes to enrich learning, and engage and motivate children whilst providing authentic opportunities to share ideas to a wider audience.

While the learning areas are presented as distinct, this doesn’t limit the ways Ilam School structures the learning experiences offered to students. All learning at Ilam makes use of the natural connections that exist between learning areas and that link learning areas to our values and key competencies.

The inquiry process encourages students to participate in active investigation, to integrate, rather than separate, knowledge, as they move from acquisition of facts to the development of deep understanding.

Ilam School Grounds