At Ilam we take pride in knowing our learners as individuals, this enables us to provide a curriculum that is centred around their needs and interests. We strive to provide engaging programmes where learners will become highly literate and numerate as well as being curious, creative problem-solvers, good communicators who are skilled at working with others and have strong cultural competencies. 

Students who are involved in a learner centred environment are engaged and motivated to explore and question the world around them. They are interested in what they are learning. Our students are deliberately taught how to develop strategies and skills that enhance their thinking and capacity to learn. We ensure that learners are exposed to a rich and varied range of learning experiences during their time at Ilam. 

Our Ilam School Curriculum strongly reflects the intent of the New Zealand National Curriculum.


Families of students learning English as an additional language

Ilam School welcomes all international families, and provides an inclusive and supportive environment for speakers of all languages.  If your child has a first language other than English, they may need some support with their oral language and literacy skills. At Ilam we have a well staffed department which will be able to support your child make accelerated progress in their English language. 

On arrival at Ilam School you will be referred to the Language Support team, who will make a time to meet with you and test your child’s English. This will help us to determine what support your child may need. If necessary, they will be placed in one of our language support groups. This usually means they will receive a 30 minute lesson a day, four days a week. We primarily focus on oral language acquisition, moving into reading and writing as the students progresses.  We use the New Zealand English Language Learning Progressions as our main resource, against which the students are assessed. 

Towards the end of the year, we test each student on different aspects of their English. We invite parents to come in and discuss their child’s progress. 

Our team also provides pastoral care for families, and will support you with questions that you have or any issues you may be facing.  

We have translators on site for Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, or Samoan speakers. Please let us know if you require assistance in this area. 

Please email if your child has English as an additional language and you have any questions about enrolling your child at Ilam School. 


At Ilam School we want to prepare our learners for their futures. Whatever that future brings, we know they must be able to collaborate with others to solve complex problems for a better world. Today’s learners will need to be highly literate and numerate with innovative, computational, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, good communication and creativity capabilities and cultural competences. We believe these key areas will enable Ilam School children to thrive as they head into their futures.


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