International Students

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your son or daughter at Ilam School. Please contact our Executive Secretary, Marlene Roets, ( with any questions you may have regarding International enrolments at Ilam.

For details on our fee structure and terms and conditions for International Students please read our: Enrolment Information for International Fee-Paying Students

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“Ilam School provides high quality care and education for its international students. Their individual needs, progress and achievement are monitored closely and support for learning is provided through well planned ESOL lessons and by skilled teachers. Students are well integrated into the life of the school and community.”
2013 Education Review Office Report.

The following enrolment process has been put in place so both the family and the school have as much information as possible to ensure the student has a secure, successful start to their education at Ilam School.

  • On the initial visit to the school the family will be welcomed to the school, documentation will be checked, an offer of place given and an interview time arranged with the International Director.
  • An interview (45 minutes) with the International Director will be held with the family to share information about the student and the school.
  • Once the information from the interview is assessed by the International Director, the family will be phoned with student’s class and teacher’s name. A stationery list will be made available for the student.
  • The student will start school 2 or 3 days after the interview. This allows the student and their family to settle into their new home, stationery and uniform items to be purchased and any effects of jet lag to disappear.

Ilam School is a signatory to The Code of Practice for International Students and adhere to this document.



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