Ilam I-Opener Series

Our ‘I-Openers’ are a series of information/education meetings that we hope will inform, inspire and engage parents and ‘friends of the school’. The title ‘I-Opener’ is obviously a play on the ‘I’ in Ilam but we do sincerely hope that parents will have their ‘eyes opened’ at these events to the variety of information presented. Each year we endeavour to have two ‘I-Openers’ on a variety of relevant subjects.

Term 2 2016 – Our School Vision

I-Opener - Our Vision

Term 3 2015 – What’s with all this ‘new’ maths?

I-Opener - Numeracy copy

Ilam school I – Opener – What’s with all this ‘new’ maths-pptx

 Term 2 2015 – Helping your Year 0-3 child to read

I-Opener - Reading copy


Term 3 2014 – Fostering Dyslexic Success

I-Opener 3 Final Leaflet

Term 2 2014 – Eliminate Stress

I-Opener 2 copy

Term 3 2013 – Brain Research and Learning

I-Opener 1 copy

Ilam School Grounds