Homework Challenges

The Ilam School Homework Challenges have been designed to encourage students to try new things and challenge themselves with their learning outside the school setting. These challenges are best suited to children in Years 3-6.  The challenges include; Learning, Opportunities in The Arts, Physical Activities, Numeracy and Literacy, Service to Others and The Community and Service in School.  The homework challenges encompass a variety of learning opportunities and life skills that help grow the whole child.  They are designed for the children to be self-managers and take initiative with their learning by choosing tasks that interest them.

The challenges should be completed to a high standard with the aim of children being proud to share their learning with others in their class.  It is suggested that two challenges a year is a suitable approach to the challenges, as it ensures that the work is quality and the children do not feel pressure to complete tasks too quickly.

On completion of a homework challenge the children will receive a certificate, badge and recognition at their syndicate team time.  Many students like to challenge and extend themselves over their time at Ilam and complete them all.

If you child would like to complete Homework Challenges please see classroom teacher for further information before starting the challenges.

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