Starting school is an exciting time for children and their families. We welcome inquires about enrolling your child at Ilam. We work hard to ensure each child has a positive and successful transition to our school. We look forward to building a relationship with you, and your family.


1.  Please read our Prospectus, by clicking on the "Prospectus" button on this page, which will give you all the information you will need to know about Ilam School.  

2.  Complete an enrolment form by clicking on the "Enrolment Form" button on this page, or email admin@ilam.school.nz if you need any assistance in completing an enrolment form for your child.


Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Ilam School. Please contact our Executive Assistant, Jocelyn Hollis, (jocelyn.hollis@ilam.school.nz) with any questions you may have regarding international enrolments at Ilam.

For details on our fee structure and terms and conditions for International Students, please click on the "International Fee-Paying Student Information" button on this page.

"The school is highly effective in providing pastoral care, good quality education and ESOL tuition for its international students." 2017 Education Review Office Report.


The following enrolment process has been put in place so both the family and the school have as much information as possible to ensure the student has a secure, successful start to their education at Ilam School.

Please read and complete our Prospectus for International Students and International Student Enrolment Form, by clicking on the "Prospectus for International Students" and "International Student Enrolment Form" button on this page.  Return the prospectus and enrolment form to jocelyn.hollis@ilam.school.nz.

After we receive your application:

  • After we receive your application we will check the documentation and issue you with an international student fees invoice.
  • Once we receive the fees, we will issue an Offer of Place.
  • You then apply for a student visa.
  • Once the visa is approved start to make travel arrangements.  Advise the school of your arrival date.
  • The school will provide you with a date and time for an interview with the Deputy Principal.
  • An interview (45 minutes) with the Deputy Principal will be held with the family to share information about the student and the school.
  • Once the information from the interview is assessed by the Deputy Principal, the family will be phoned with the student’s class and teacher’s name. A stationery list will be made available for the student.
  • The student may start school two or three days after the interview. This allows the student and their family time to settle into their new home, purchase stationery and uniform items, and allow any effects of jet lag to disappear.

Ilam School is a signatory to The Code of Practice for International Students and adhere to this document.


Do you require assistance with childcare either before or after school, or during the school holidays? Ilam OSCAR may be able to help.  Ilam School provides this programme on site to assist families with childcare.

Hours of operation:
7:15am - 8:30am - $10 per session
3:00pm - 4:30pm - $10 per session
3:00pm - 6:00pm - $20 per session
Holiday Programme:
8:00am - 6:00pm - $40 - $60 per day (Prices vary depending on activities)

Visit https://ilam.aimyplus.com/Account/Login to register your child and make bookings.

IF YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO BE ABSENT please text Supervisor Jo on: 022 424 7490

Email oscar@ilam.school.nz or call Robyn on 022 469 1663 for any inquiries or questions.


Cohort entry is when new entrants start school in groups throughout the year rather than on their fifth birthday. In schools that have adopted a policy of cohort entry, new entrants are able to start school in cohorts but only after they have turned five.

Te Kura o Waiutuutu Ilam School has surveyed the community about whether we move to the cohort entry system. Thank you to everyone who responded. The results of our community survey, which included junior school whanau, and local preschool whanau and staff, were resoundingly in favour of us adopting cohort entry. We will be moving to cohort entry in term 1 2023. The dates for each entry point are outlined below.

2023 mid-term dates for schools implementing cohort entry


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