Education Review Office (ERO) Report

We think Ilam is a fantastic school. Set in an attractive, well-maintained environment. We have wonderful children, effective and caring teachers, brilliant support staff and welcoming and supportive parents.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the highlights from our recent (2013) ERO report:

  • Ilam School is a multi-cultural school. Its students come from over forty different ethnic groups. The way staff acknowledge and celebrate these different cultures enriches the learning of all students.
  • The school is located close to the University of Canterbury. The partnership that exists between the school and the university benefits students and staff in many ways.
  • The school makes good use of achievement information to make positive changes to learners’ engagement, progress and achievement.
  • The school’s curriculum promotes and supports students’ learning very well.
  • The effectiveness of the school’s curriculum is most evident in high levels of achievement in reading and mathematics and the progress many students have made in written language in 2012. It is also successful in helping Māori and Pacific students to achieve at similar levels to their peers.
  • A significant number of individuals and some school teams have enjoyed success in a variety of academic, sporting and cultural competitions and activities.
  • The school’s curriculum continues to evolve and provides students with a rich and varied range of learning experiences. Student engagement in learning is successfully fostered.
  • The way programmes are structured and integrated helps students to build on their previous learning, experience success and also helps to make learning meaningful.
  • A positive school environment ensures a clear focus is maintained on learning and teaching.
  • Ilam School provides high quality care and education for its international students. Their individual needs, progress and achievement are monitored closely and support for learning is provided through well planned ESOL lessons and by skilled teachers. Students are well integrated into the life of the school and community.

Download the latest ERO Report (dated 15-02-2013)

Ilam School Grounds